Monday, October 27, 2008

Visiting Others In The Blogosphere

My blog is turning into an advertisement page for fellow bloggers! Not that it’s a bad thing after all I wouldn’t post anything I didn’t think was totally awesome. I actually have some really great pictures and a fun story to tell of our Saturday adventures for Judy's birthday celebration. The pictures are at home so that'll have to wait for an evening that I have time this week. I was browsing through the comments on one of my favorite sites and found a link to yet another great site. So, I’m sharing. Maternal Bliss has started a fun shop called the Peony Paperie. She makes really great personalized cards. What really drew me to her work was the crisp simple beauty of her work. I also really liked her “Mommy Cards”. I am hoping that I’ll win her drawing so that I can get some, that or maybe I’ll just have to splurge. I love the idea of having cards to give out to other parents that say I’m Ephraim and Ruby’s Mama. I can’t tell you how many play date names and phone numbers I’ve lost because they are written on some scrap of paper that I’ve meant to hang on to. My work cards feel way to boring. The other thing is I really believe in supporting other Moms. I wish I had a talent that could manifest into an Etsy shop but since I don’t I make it my job to point others in the direction of the good stuff. Please take a moment to visit the Peony Paperie and if you see something you like go back to Maternal Bliss and tell her about it. You might even win a set of her cards (if you do…. You can always share them with me!)

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