Monday, October 6, 2008

A Rainy Weekend At The Coast

This weekend was our first rainy blustery weekend of fall. We spent the weekend out at Granny's and Grandpa Noisey's and had a really fun time.

Things we do when it's raining:

QUILT- Ephraim and Ruby were helping me earlier in the week with a baby quilt I'm working on. So I decided to see what scraps Granny had that would let Ruby start her own quilt. We found what I considered to be the anti-stash. She liked nearly all the pieces and all I could see was ugly chaos. As we sit on the bed and sorted them into color piles however it became apparent that she has the eye. She and Granny could nail some of the fabrics that even after squinting and standing back I was still befuddled as to which color it read. Ruby is really into Rainbows at the moment seeing as her classroom at school is the "Rainbow Room". So I suggested we arrange the quilt like a rainbow. She sat and laid out nearly the entire quilt. She had definite ideas of what should go next to what and could see where you changed something on her. There was even a pile of rejects out to the side, pieces that didn't belong in her quilt. (note to self no dead fish or stupid ferns for Ruby) Upon getting her final artistic approval we started the sewing. Judy, Granny, Ruby and I all took turns sewing. We even had a little help from Gracie in reorganizing the layout. We have managed to pass the quilting bug on to Judy. I was so hoping that would happen. When we left the project laid out on the floor at the end of the weekend it was amazing to see what the mess of squares was turning out to be. I look forward to getting to work on it more and sharing the final piece of art.

CARS, CARS, AND MORE CARS- Well this activity isn't really exclusive to rainy weekends. Where there is an Ephraim there will be at least one HotWheels car. This weekend he and Grandpaw Woody were playing cars together which proves your never too old for HotWheels.

SLEEP- There may not have been naps for the Mama's or the Kids but the Grandparents were all a little sleepy this weekend. The sign Grandpaw is holding says "Dawson Retirement Center".

A BLAZING FIRE- This may have contributed to the napping. It definitely made it a good 90 degrees upstairs where we were sewing. We had to open the windows. It wasn't quite cold enough for the fire but it sure felt cozy and inviting.

BAKE- Granny made a beautiful apple pie. Judy made her marvelous enchiladas. I stayed out of the kitchen which is always the safest most edible bet for all.

BATH- This was a fun place to spend a little bit of the day. Granny has a great tub and bubbles.

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