Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mexican Snowman

So.... in an effort to avoid the projects inside the house, I decided to lengthen our outdoor cleaning of the walkway (which the majority of was done by our fabulous neighbor) by building a little snow sculpture. Something simple to brighten Grandpa Noisey's day before he has to drive a crazy long way back home to the Coast in the snow. I suggested we make a Grandpa head in the snow with a hat and mustache and such. We went inside to find suitable materials and here is what transpired. Judy found a lime to cut in half as eyes. Judy found carrots for a nose. Judy found a hat. I found a piece of ribbon for a mouth. We return to the snow head and start our work. Suddenly she exclaims "Ah, I have an idea for the mustache!!!" and returns with a "Rattle Can" or spray paint for us non-Mexican folk and takes over. Our Grandpa Noisey art would never have been nearly so cool. As I was taking a picture to send Granny it occurred to me that it's going to snow another 3 inches or something stupid and he won't even know it's there by 5:30 am! It's the thought that counts.... RIGHT?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow..... Let It Snow.... Let it STOP Snowing!!!!

I have to say that I think I've had enough. With being home all last week laying low and watching it be cold it sure would be nice to get a little melt. Making trips to the doctor, drugstore, and having a lay around and chilling with the kids almost literally between news reports of snow, ice, wind. It's been really beautiful and the car has done an amazing job getting us everywhere we've needed to go even without chains. We've had the chains in the car for a year now and when we went to put them on the car we found out they were the wrong size. Luckily they were the perfect size for Katie's car! Merry Christmas! I'm going to post some pictures from yesterday and today. At 5:30 pm last night we had about 3.5 inches of snow and when we went out at 5:30 pm tonight we were up to 8 inches. There is a total thick layer of ice between the snow. When we stepped outside our front door the snow doesn't even break. Apparently we're going to be living in this stuff for the rest of the week. I'm really not sure how that's going to work out. I'm looking forward to trying to get to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If This Doesn't Make Sense....

it's because I'm totally drugged up** and it's the middle of the night. (**correct dose of prescription medication)

I have acquired one of those odd medical maladies that makes you question the phrase "modern medicine". It baffles my mind that in a time when we cure cancers, expand the life of those with terminal diseases in many multiples of an anticipated duration, and have the ability to prevent so many things with the knowledge we've gained that there are still times when a Dr. has to resort to "Go home and get worse for a couple more days so we know exactly what this is." I can tell you that a prescription for painkillers just doesn't make up for the fact that I'm sitting here enduring increasing pain and discomfort, praying that the weather will allow for us get to my appointment in the morning, and finally that there will be an diagnosis with a RESOLUTION.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Phone Call To Santa

As a Parent there are many things we do that we never could have imagined having to do. Last Friday my phone call went something like this.......

Mama: Hello is this Santaland?
Santaland: Yes. How can I help you?
Mama: I need you to give Santa a message for me. I know this is a weird phone call. You see, my kids came to see Santa the other day and we found out they have LICE.
Santaland: You think Santa gave your kids Lice?
Mama: NO! I wanted to warn Santa that my kids may have given him lice. We were there and there were no other kids so they had a whole lot of time with Santa.
Santaland: So he should check his suit.
Mama: Well I was more worried about his beard but his suit would be good to check too.
Santaland: What day did you come and was it morning or afternoon?
Mama: Wednesday afternoon.
Santaland: I'll let Santa know.
Mama: Thanks, I really appreciate your help. Merry Christmas.
Santaland: You too.

RID kit, shower caps, and petroleum jelly $20.00
Good Flea Comb to get out the nasty buggers $7.98
30 Loads of Laundry to wash everything in your house that could be infected $50.00
Having to call Santa and warn him your kids may have given him Lice. PRICELESS

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Something To Really Give Thanks For

I've been away from the old blog. Doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about all the things I want to post. Just haven't had the time to do it. We had a very nice first Thanksgiving together Judy and I. We got a text message from Andy that he had something special for us when we arrived at the coast. We were excitedly hoping it would be a special something we've been waiting for. What an amazing thing to mark our Thanksgiving. Our Rings!