Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh Blog It!

Things have been so busy these last few days that I haven’t had a chance to really get to my blog. This makes me sad. Really, I’m pretty sure I could have made the time but since I have a lot to write it’s seemed a little daunting. So…. Let’s get started.

Friday – October 10, 2008
My amazing and beautiful family (I’m not biased) picked me up from work and the kids and I got to enjoy a fabulous fall evening at the park. They ran like crazy and played tag with our friend Gary and his friend Calvin. Nothing better than little kids running after teenage boys to insure a good night of sleep.

Saturday – October 11, 2008
We had a fantastic chill morning at home before taking the kids back to Mommies. There must have been something in the air that screamed dress up! Ruby created a rather fabulous outfit for herself at our house and then as we were getting ready to leave Mommies she came out with a purple mohawk mask. We of course had to take turns getting our pictures with it. What silly fun. After we left Mommy and Mimzy’s we were off to the coast for a fantastic weekend of quilting and tamale making. We took our time and just enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and the company of the four legged wonder Tonks. It’s so fun to have a part-time dog. Sometimes there are moments in life where you really wished you had your camera, any camera for that matter. I just wish for some way of sharing the image so that others can appreciate it for whatever it is. Judy finally got to drive one of the four wheelers over to George and Kelly’s on a mission to pick up a new cutting blade for the rotary cutter. Gracie (Granny’s Basenji) and Tonks went along for the run. On the way back apparently Gracie decided to follow her true Basenji nature and go off on her own. Judy feared the wrath of Granny on returning without said charge. So… the chase was on. Basenji (and child) rule number one (well maybe not rule one but definitely in the top 10)….. do not chase them it turns it into the best game ever. I can just see in my minds eye Judy with Tonks at her side chasing after the fast and naughty Gracie. With much patience and perseverance the little dog was captured and as Andy and I stood in the driveway watching Judy round the corner upon her return and there on her lap looking over the handle bars of the quad was Gracie! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. She looked like the Queen of Sheba! You have to love other people’s pets! That dog is a hoot.

Sunday – October 12, 2008
TAMALE TIME!!!! We were graced with the presence of some of the women from Leland’s work and their amazing tamale talents. I wasn’t much help seeing as my mind was one track on trying to get the quilt top finished. Even so I got to experience the making of tamale’s using the banana leaf method. I found it really interesting because the masa is so different from the stuff we used for the corn husk tamales we made previously. The masa was made with broth and pureed tomatoes, onions, and peppers. It isn’t a dry consistency but rather left as something similar to Malt-o-Meal. You use foil to keep the banana leaves rolled and holding all their goodies together. Adding to the fun aspect of working together on this was the fact that the group of people assembled was a fun and truly enjoyable group to be with. Listening to Judy speaking Spanish always makes me smile anyway! We managed to make 156 tamales though I’m not sure how many exactly were left after we all took our turns trying them out. Erika and Granny made some extra tasty sour cream cookies to offset the healthy nature of our tamales. I managed to get everything done on my quilt before we left except for the hand sewing of the binding. I have to say I’m so proud of my work. It’s the first quilt where I’ve done everything myself and even took on the binding this time. I can’t believe what a chicken I’ve been about it, after Granny showed me the trick to the corners it was a breeze. We drove ourselves home and enjoyed a quiet evening getting ready for yet another long week of work and school. It was sad to return the fabulous Tonks back to her other Mom but I think she was ready. We managed to wear her out to the point that she slept the entire drive home!

Monday - October 13, 2008
I brought my quilt to work today to share with some friends and to be able to get started on the hand sewing. I forgot a needle! Good thing too! After posting to the BTRS sight that I was almost done with two weeks to the deadline I was thwarted. I called Mom to give her another idea for the great Judtober holiday to be celebrated on the 21st and she brought up a concern. I might need to take my quilt to the quilting shop and make sure they think it’s been quilted close enough together to get the desired effect. AGHHHHH!!!!! What a silly thing to not have considered. There was a part of me that screamed “It’s FINE!” and there was the part of me that knew she was right. I went on-line to the BTRS Flickr group and discovered exactly what I didn’t want to find. The quilts that look the way I want mine to turn out are quilted much closer together than mine. So it's off with the binding. Where is that dam seam ripper anyway!

Tuesday – October 14, 2008
First Swap-bot swap is completed. I sent out my postcards to my Partner. I sure hope she enjoys them. I was really hoping to send them out one at a time but with being out at the coast and Monday a postal holiday they all went in the mail together. It was sure fun though to write just a little something each day and also to know that there will soon be something fun in the mail for me. It's especially nice to know that since Judy has been banned from checking the mail until after her birthday that I will get to enjoy actually retrieving it from the box too!

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