Friday, October 3, 2008


Patience is a virtue. One that I apprently do not posses at the moment. Well, I guess I just don't have patience for certain facets of my life. I have no patience with work. I think I'm totally burnt out and just need a vacation. Funny but I'm pretty sure I won't be having one of those for at least another 4 months. I'm tempted to just take all three weeks off at one time and just wallow in it. Who cares if we have to starve the rest of the year for days off. Everything feels like it's supposed to be "right now". I'm not sure if that's this years October bi-polar swing or if I've just gotten spoiled in my happy life lately and have forgotten what patience is about. One item that's making me nutty is that my swap fabric hasn't arrived. I check everyday and I'm literally freaking out that something has gone wrong. Maybe they didn't send it, maybe it's lost, maybe I didn't get a partner. I swear after writing that thought it's totally got to be that I'm a little nutty right now. On the patience and quilting note though. I'm going to finish up the baby blanket for my co-worker this weekend. I'm over half way and it's just killing me not to be finished with it. That and the little one is ready to come out at any moment. I really hate how jaded I've become on pregnancy and childbirth. I'm always waiting for the worst. It's not even my child or my life and yet I always fear that there will be a loss. I think it's all the time I spend on the MISS boards. I just hope this little one joins us soon and safe. This entry is all over the place. Just like me right now.

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