Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mental Health Day

Sometimes you just need one. I'm not talking about the kind of day where you'd rather be out in the sunshine so you call in with a case of food poisoning. I'm talking about those days when it's just too hard to get out of bed, everything seems way too overwhelming, and your just feel like the only cure is a break from the world. Now those of you who read this and know me are looking up the number for my Mother to tell her I haven't been taking my medication! Alas, while this may be a little bit of my seasonal psycho cycle, I'm taking my meds and actually feeling really good. Taking good care of yourself sometimes is just exhausting! While staying home comes with a hefty financial thwack on the toosh these days I still called in mental today. After getting over the guilt of making a wise decision however pricey and frowned upon by the work police I had the most perfect day I. I slept. I started cutting out a new quilt with Judy for her friends new arrival. Everything was so calm, quiet, and down right rejuvenating. I slept for a few more hours this afternoon and didn't wake up with that groggy, why did I take a nap feeling, but rather a renewed energy and need for some kind of accomplishment. I tackled another "Angie Bag" (Angie Bag - any type of container in which I shove all sorts of stuff in order to "clean" up) in Judy's honor. That makes two less junk bags hiding around our house in one week. I need to be careful and pace myself or she'll start to expect them all to disappear. I cleaned up the sewing and started dinner for the kids. This is stupid but I felt totally zen. I feel so centered again after today like everything is back in line the way it should be. Judy brought home the kids from daycare on her way home from school and we had a really nice evening. The kids turned their yucky days from yesterday around and both had great days at school today. They make me so proud. Ruby showed us her "homework" after dinner and evenly divided the weekly announcements between the two of us. We reviewed the newest of her reading words and it's so fun to watch her starting to be able to read. I just took for granted how easy it was with Ephraim. He had Miss. Melissa and his oh so one track mind to thank. With Ruby it's different. I love watching her figure them out and making the sounds. Tonight as we lay in bed and read our stories I realized just how much they are changing right now. Egad! Who are these little people, no longer my babies. They are so independent and smart. Ruby asked if we could snuggle while they fell asleep tonight. It's been so long since we all just cuddled together both of them in my arms and drifted off to sleep. What a fabulous gift. They sleep, I am winding down for the night, and tomorrow is another day. One which I will most definitely be at work.

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