Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Birthday...... Trying To Be Happy

My Darling Fairy Princess,
Here we go again, another birthday! Seven, can you believe it. So many things have changed since the day you were born. Some things haven't. I am still so happy to be your Mama and so very grateful you came into our lives. Without you I would never have become who I am today. You taught me so much about what and who is really important. Today your Brother and Sister helped me to make your birthday cake. Your Brother read the directions off the box and your Sister told us all exactly what they meant and how we should be doing it. Had you been making it with us I wonder what part you would have played. Would you have been fighting to crack the eggs or to be the first to poor the batter? We got balloons for your party and worked on your card. It's so strange for me to think about your different birthdays and how your Brother and Sister have changed as we mark each of them. Remember the scribbles they used to leave on your cards, and then when you could finally read their names. Today they both wrote in their best writing "Happy Birthday Sister Megan!" and gave your their love. Your Brother even wrote you a special note that makes me the craziest mix of happy, proud, and heart broken. His note read "Sister Megan I know you died a long time ago but I love you. Love, Ephraim". There really are no other words more true and pure than that my sweet Daughter.

Happy 7th Birthday My Fairy Princess! I know it's been a long time since you died but I love you! Love, Your Mama!