Friday, October 24, 2008

Other Bloggers Blogs

It’s becoming more and more evident that I am developing a blogging problem! I can’t believe all that I’ve been missing. I love seeing the work that others are doing and wish that it were possible for me to help support everyone. One of the blogs I follow on a regular basis by Alissa Jacobs of Quiltish is having a contest for some of the new Amy Butler fabrics from Sew Good Fabric. Please take a minute to check it out and put your name in the hat. If you happen to win don’t forget me, I’ll help you use some of that great fabric! You can click on the cute little button (my first try at button making) in my fun things I’ve found section. Or the link below. Please make sure to not only take a look at Sew Good Fabric but make sure you visit the Quilitsh Etsy Store and see the great things Alissa is making as well. Thanks!


Allisa Jacobs said...

Thank you so much for the nice message on my blog & for also writing up this wonderful post- much appreciated!
Your blog looks like a lot of fun, love the quilt photos. Good luck on the giveaway :)

p.s. I love the blue dot toddler blanket you saw in my shop- I've been thinking of keeping it for ourselves as well!

A Crafty Chateau said...

I Love Your Blog Swap! I am one of your partners :) Very cute blog!