Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going A Little Crazy

That title is true in so many ways. I've got a case of the bi-polar blues but saw the doctor yesterday and am working on it. So.... if I am a little reclusive at the moment or just missing in general please be patient.... I'm a work in progress. As for the reason I actually put the title on this post.... I still have my Bend-The-Rules quilt to send. I feel so guilty that I lost my partners address and though I've contacted the swap co-ordinator still haven't received it. If I were my partner I'd be really starting to wonder what happened. Jennifer if you read this.... email me your address!!!!!! I come to work everyday and see it's box sitting here and just feel like a total goober! The quilt swap really got me back into quilting. We finished Ruby's quilt for her swap this weekend and Judy's first quilt is done except for the binding. Which I am sewing on slowly. :) Seeing as all the projects were finished we got to go enjoy the Fabric Depot Veteren's day sale the other night and got some really fun stuff. I'll try and get a picture up. Some of it is for Christmas presents so of course that won't get posted but some of it is just for us and I can't wait to share the greatest find for our first Christmas Quilt. Guess that's all the news (and lack of news) for the moment. Ohhh.... except for..... I GOT MY FLU SHOT.... Have You?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My First Quilt Swap Completed!

My quilt is finished and waiting for a mailing address for my partner. I'm not sure what I did with her address but it's somewhere safe. I think it turned out pretty well. I hope Jennifer will like it. I received my quilt back from Andrea last week. It's amazing. I love the way she put the fabrics together. She put some beautiful embroidered flowers on it and it just makes me feel so special. The kids think it is just the best and fight over who gets to lay with it. If you see this Andrea...THANK YOU!

An Event In History

I am sitting here with chills and tears welled in my eyes. Barack Obama has taken the Presidential election of 2008! Not only am I so happy to have a democrat back in power but to see the arrival of a minority as our President seems unreal. Watch out world, give us another 50 years and we'll get a woman or heaven forbid a queer!

Halloween Pictures

Blogging just isn't getting done these days. However.... I've still got pictures to share.