Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eye Surgery

I realize now that it's over and I've had a few posts, emails, and text messages that I might have left out some details about our happenings today. Ruby had eye surgery to fix her wandering eyes. It was just an in and out thing and we would have been there even less had her Doctor not needed to see her this morning. She was the bravest girl ever and her Mama managed to save her meltdown for after she went into surgery. She is going to make a really fun drunk when she's 37 if the medication today is any indication! She was happy to come home and be done with it as are all the Moms. The sheer numbers of Mom's really messed with some minds today. She's got some double vision to deal with for a little while but other than that she's already back to bossing her Brother and basking in the attention! She might need some reading glasses to help while her eyes learn to adjust to their new alignment but other than that we should be finished with the eating and hiding of the glasses for good. Oh... and just in case I forget.... we'll be doing the same thing with Ephraim in June or July!