Tuesday, October 7, 2008

To Swap or Not To Swap

Is that really a question? Nope... I'm really getting into this. I discovered Swap-Bot and it could be a problem. I'm actually feeling like I've made a smart start though. I've joined 4 swaps. I know it sounds ambitious but relax and read on. The first that starts next week is a diary postcard swap. I'll mail one postcard a day to my partner. The biggest problem here will be picking which postcard and getting my toosh to the post office for some postcard stamps. I don't want to post them with the meter. The next swap is a letter swap. I will be writing two letters with a theme of what happened that day and sending them off to my partners. I'm looking forward to this. It will be fun to share whatever fun things are happening in our life that day. I feel like I'm a fairly decent writer and that I will hopefully be able to bring a smile or at least a break in life. Equally exciting will be to receive my letters and get a look into a day in someone elses life. My third swap isn't till the middle of the month and will require the most thought. It's a no-spending swap and requires the sending of at least three items from your stuff that you think your partner will enjoy or use. I already have some ideas but I'll definitely need to know about my partner for this one. I like this because you get to send a little care package and get one in return but it has to be from things you already have. I would like to limit my swap involvement to the cost of postage. It's so tempting to get involved in other things that require so much more, like the BTRS Quilt swap (don't be fooled... I put my neck out for another one of these too but it's for Ruby and I together, guess that makes 5) . The 4th swap-bot swap is a postcard stash exchange. I have so many of my old vintage postcards to share. I'm not exactly sure that I will use all of them as it might be fun to have a combination of things but it sure will be fun to send some of them. Gives me an excuse to sit and go through all of them again. They are spaced out over the next month or so and I really think I've made a good choice in spacing and giving myself a realistic start. I'm such a jump in over my head person that I actually feel like I've turned a new leaf with this. Oh... and as for another quilt swap, that's still up in the air. I bumped into a lady who wants to put together a possible swap for her 4 year old son. Ruby had such fun with her quilt I bet she loved to sew one for another kid. I'll keep everyone posted on how this goes.

Update: Already found something for my no-spending shop while digging through my desk drawer for a Pepcid Complete, (one of the best things ever created). Just wish I would have found one of those!

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