Friday, April 29, 2011

Ten Tidbits To Catch Up

I got this idea from another blogger. She posted 10 photos off her cell phone and a little blurb about them.
Halloween 2010
One Scary Princess and Heatblast from Ben10
Frances Turns 8!
We went out to Safari Sam's to help celebrate. Fun for all!
Escape Goats!
Ben Finn and Billy Birch let themselves out of the pen. In my attempt to get them back in I let out all the chickens. It was a scene of hilarious farm chaos!

Everyone Said Goodbye-
Gracie stayed with Grandpaw Woody in the hospital as he passed. It was an amazing end of life journey and I can only pray that I will go so peacefully, with such dignity, and surrounded by those that love me.

Ruby's Handmade Christmas Present for Ephraim-
I imagine that he fails to see the love that was put into this but to me it's the most beautiful gift that anyone got this year.

Mop Top Beauty Shop!
We put some (ok a lot) of pink highlights in Ruby's hair and decided while we were at it that Lucy should have a pink mohawk. It was totally fun and despite the fact that Ephraim HATED the dogs hair pink everyone had a good time.

3rd Anniversary
We woke up on the morning of our anniversary and I decided that I needed a new tattoo. I wanted 3 small hearts to represent "past, present, and future" and "Judy, Ephraim, and Ruby" and I loved that I would be getting it on our third anniversary. Judy wanted to get the hearts too however she took a huge leap of love and got my name put on as well!

A snake for Ephraim had been in discussion amongst the Mom's for awhile and we decided it was time. Lila the young cornsnake was a trooper and was very much loved by her boy. He tried to take her to school in his pocket. He played with her way too much and we were sure that would bring an early end to her life. In the end it was a tragic escape and death at the hands of cats.  

The Sock Monkey Hat
Judy has been in search of the perfect sock monkey hat for Mom to make her for nearly a year. A friend guided her to a newly posted pattern on and Mom was able to produce the most loved hat ever! It really does suit her.
Click on the picture to get to the pattern.

One Broken Arm
The kids are madly in love with their razor scooters. Ephraim took a spill on his on a Sunday evening. Everything seemed in working order no swelling or bruises so we thought maybe a sprain or strain. When it was still hurting him enough for him to complain in the morning we went to the doctor only to find out it was broken! Doh!

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