Saturday, April 23, 2011

Communication Isn't Just For Facebook Anymore

Our world is an interesting place. It's busy and full of suprises. I've been away from the blog for awhile and so much has changed. I've been drawn back as a part of a class assignment but even as I type this I know it's something I've been missing. I think I partially have Facebook to blame for the demise of our blog. It's so easy to feel like I'm doing a good job of connecting and providing information on the goings on in our family with a quick Facebook update and the occasional posted picture. In reading back over the blog however there is so much more here. The entire story isn't summed up in 20 words or less. Whole feelings and reflections aren't posted in a single line. I've missed the opportunity to ramble and to really be a more robust version of myself. My goal is to blog three times a week for the next 4 weeks. Under the current circumstances I believe this to be a reasonable goal. Should things change drastically I will reevaluate. With that let the blogging begin!!!!

Angie:     As of the beginning of February I became a happily unemployed student. Well the student thing isn't new but the unemployed part definatly is. I have to say that for the most part I'm enjoying the fact that finding a new job is going very slowly. Financially we're finding a way to keep a roof over our head and the majority of the bills paid to the point that nothing has been turned off (yet). As a part of my new status I have had the amazing privilage to become the Mama I've never gotten to be. I pick the kids up everyday after school, I do all the doctors visits, therapy, running around that was taking us all away from work. The kids are actually enjoying the amount of time they get to spend with me and I with them. I'm really not sure how we managed to do all this stuff without a stay at home parent. I'm hoping that out of shear convenience the universe will see fit to have the right job come along just in time for Jen to be home with the new baby so that we can keep this up for the kids. (Sidenote: Yes..... new baby..... The Girls have a newborn bio-sibling set to arrive the first part of July.... more on that later) I realize it's no where to be found on the blog but I've been in school now for over a year. It all started with a desire to take Spanish with Judy and be able to spend more time with her. I've been taking computer application systems classes and really enjoying it. There was a definate slow and painful learning curve to getting back into the swing of school and to be honest being unemployed hasn't really helped that. There always seems to be something other than school that needs to be done. This term I'm taking all online classes which seems to be allowing me more freedom to get my work done as needed. As the super procrastinator I am that's not always the best but so far so good. I refuse to have a repeat of the end of last term. I'm far to old to stay up all night that many nights in a row. Hence the realization that maybe having another baby isn't for us.

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