Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Posting Backwards - Spring Break 2011

This year the Dawson family had a fantastic Spring Break. We spent the week out at the coast at Granny's house. We were fortunate to be able to include our friend Jenna in the adventure. Some of the things that we did:
  • Trip to Astoria to visit the wreck of the Peter Iredale - including a trip to Goodwill for dry shoes for the kids, and a Costco run to keep everyone fed and happy for the week
  • Time in Seaside letting the kids play at the arcade while the adults raided our favorite candy store the Buzz on Broadway. We were able to get the kids on the Carosel for what might be the last time as there were many protests about being "too old". The whole tribe enjoyed a visit to Seaside Mostly Hats in the Carosel Mall for a photo shoot of their fun hats.
  • Trip to Tillamook to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory with a detour through the Tillamook Country Smoker.
  • A visit to Granny's friends farm. We got to meet the new ducklings, help feed the lambs, heard the sheep in from the pasture, and just spend some time enjoying the farm life.

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