Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Lesson Worth $24.95

I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that I was back on the blog again because of a class. The assignment was to create a blog and have the blog meet certain criteria. I talked to the Insturctor and received permission to resurect this blog instead of starting a new one. I've been excited about this since I got his reply. When I first sat down to blog again I just wrote. Then I came back to update the page design and play with the links and things. Since then I've started going back over the old entries. I very quickly discovered something very sad... the majority of the images used in my blog were gone. Empty black squares with nobody home. My subscription to my Flickr account where they all were stored had expired taking with it access to the nearly 600 photos over the free account limit. Ughhh! So at a time in my life where $25.00 feels like $250.00 I chose to restore my account. I needed access to those photos. It felt like such a loss to no longer have the slideshow of the making of our wedding rings, the pictures of the kids, Bagby campouts with good friends, and the snow of 2008. I feel so lucky to have these memories returned to me. I think one of the reasons I felt that I had to get these memories back is that I believe I've permenantly lost the kids blog. I clicked on the link yesterday to go read and start migrating more of the entries there over to here or at least put them somehwere safe. It's gone!!! The page is gone and it refers you to migrate over to WordPress. Which had I known about the blog going away a mere month earlier I might have done it. That's right.... I most likely have lost some incredible documentation on our crazy life. I'm just sad and dissapointed and not sure how to handle it. The first step is to figure out what exactly the email address was that I used to set up the blog because I apprently need it to request help. So... to those that read this and may remember the good old days... what address did I used to send the kid stuff from? Your help is greatly appreciated. In the meantime I'll start saving my pennies and hope that it costs less than the $24.95!

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