Friday, April 29, 2011

Job Fair - Fairly Interesting

On Tuesday I was able to work with the fabulous people Judy works with at the annual PCC Cascade Job Fair. It was a full day setting up to the break down and all the people watching in between was priceless. I'd like to offer up a few of my favorite observations.
  • If you ask a question and you don't like the answer, you're not going to get a different answer by asking the same person the same question AGAIN!
  • If you can't play nice with others while standing in a line outside waiting to get into the Job Fair then odds are good you're going to have one heck of a time trying to work with others.
  • First impressions are important, with that in mind, don't walk into a Job Fair with your breast hanging out and child attached. I am totally fine with public breastfeeding and could personally careless about seeing your boob flopped out for everyone to see cause your kid was too busy checking out what was going on to eat. I just think you might want to reconsider the impression that makes on an potential employer.
  • You know I believe that pajamas can be worn anywhere you want to wear them. EXCEPT THE JOB FAIR!!!!
  • If you can't follow a simple request to fill out a survey as a means to gain admittance to a free event that might help you and/or 1300 other people than you have no business bothering to look for a job because heaven forbid they ask you to fill out an application!

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