Monday, December 8, 2008

Phone Call To Santa

As a Parent there are many things we do that we never could have imagined having to do. Last Friday my phone call went something like this.......

Mama: Hello is this Santaland?
Santaland: Yes. How can I help you?
Mama: I need you to give Santa a message for me. I know this is a weird phone call. You see, my kids came to see Santa the other day and we found out they have LICE.
Santaland: You think Santa gave your kids Lice?
Mama: NO! I wanted to warn Santa that my kids may have given him lice. We were there and there were no other kids so they had a whole lot of time with Santa.
Santaland: So he should check his suit.
Mama: Well I was more worried about his beard but his suit would be good to check too.
Santaland: What day did you come and was it morning or afternoon?
Mama: Wednesday afternoon.
Santaland: I'll let Santa know.
Mama: Thanks, I really appreciate your help. Merry Christmas.
Santaland: You too.

RID kit, shower caps, and petroleum jelly $20.00
Good Flea Comb to get out the nasty buggers $7.98
30 Loads of Laundry to wash everything in your house that could be infected $50.00
Having to call Santa and warn him your kids may have given him Lice. PRICELESS

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