Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Mexican Snowman

So.... in an effort to avoid the projects inside the house, I decided to lengthen our outdoor cleaning of the walkway (which the majority of was done by our fabulous neighbor) by building a little snow sculpture. Something simple to brighten Grandpa Noisey's day before he has to drive a crazy long way back home to the Coast in the snow. I suggested we make a Grandpa head in the snow with a hat and mustache and such. We went inside to find suitable materials and here is what transpired. Judy found a lime to cut in half as eyes. Judy found carrots for a nose. Judy found a hat. I found a piece of ribbon for a mouth. We return to the snow head and start our work. Suddenly she exclaims "Ah, I have an idea for the mustache!!!" and returns with a "Rattle Can" or spray paint for us non-Mexican folk and takes over. Our Grandpa Noisey art would never have been nearly so cool. As I was taking a picture to send Granny it occurred to me that it's going to snow another 3 inches or something stupid and he won't even know it's there by 5:30 am! It's the thought that counts.... RIGHT?

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