Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Wedding To Plan

I think the world might stop spinning on it's axis. I, Angie Dawson, am going to have a wedding. The getting and being married is of no real surprise to those who know me and know how much Judy means to me. I have never though in any of this imagined myself as the bride type. In fact it scares the crap out of me. My social anxiety and desire not to be the center of attention makes me totally freaked about this. Yet, there is nothing I want more than to go before my friends and family and have them recognize our life as it is. That this amazing woman in my life is more than just my friend or lover, she is my partner for life, she is my wife. She is a gift that I didn't believe was even possible and one that I neither felt I deserved or desired. She has shown me true love and what it means to find your soul mate. My life is still my life with her, only now it feels whole. There are still good days and bad days. My bi-polar still effects my life daily, I still have children with special needs, I still have to work and pay bills. It is that I am able to live those things to their fullest now with Judy by my side. She accepts me as I am, my children for who they are and the potential they hold, and supports me in the every day things of life. Where before I struggled now I thrive. I am so very lucky. However..... a WEDDING???? I get excited then I freak out. I want it to be great and fun and just right for us. We are almost 100% that we want to have it at the Nehalem Bay Winery. Well... we are 100% that we will be having Oregon Riesling and the Peach Wine at the wedding so why not just have it their at the winery and save the wine travel! I said we're getting married in hoodies and jeans. However, it seems that we may be opting for something a little more formal. I think though we are seriously going to make hoodies and jeans the dress code for our guests. More plans to come.

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