Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kids and Germs

Don't you ever just wish you could put your kids in a bubble. Some kind of protective something that would keep them from catching and bringing home every virus that walks past them. Oh wait.... I think that's called an immune system. Poor Ephraim, his system just doesn't have the same strength as Ruby's. He got sick with a nasty fever thing last Thursday night. He was feeling well enough to go to school on Friday but then quickly took a turn for the worst and I ended up having to go get him from school. Judy did a great job of taking care of him for the rest of the day and handled his barfing like a champ. He was just a sad little sick boy. Every time the fever would go up he'd start barfing until the next dose of medicine got the fever back down. On Saturday we ended up taking him into the ER at the advice of his endocrinologist and got fluids and hydrocortisone and he was like a new kid. Unfortunately trying to get the compounded prescription filled on a Sunday was a real treat but in the end we got it all figured out and he has been doing well. We kept him home from school the first day to continue his recovery and yesterday because the steroids were making him a rage full little man and we were afraid he'd just get suspended. I'm curious about going to see Dr. Thompson today and what she'll say about it. For some reason I am having a lot of feelings right now about this. I was talking a little to Jen about it last night and she wondered if it might have had something to do with Megan's death and the guilt feelings of wondering if we shouldn't have done something sooner. I don't know. I can't put my finger on it. I do know that I don't like it. I feel so insecure, like here again I don't know what my child needs. I think that's actually a lot closer to the issue. We've gotten so used to Ephraim as Eph that knowing what to do for him and when is routine. Now that is shaken. Parenting is sure a roller coaster.

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