Monday, September 22, 2008

The Saddest Fabric Story Ever

Really it's not that sad as my Aunt is still alive, my daughter is still alive, I'm still alive, and it was just a possession. Any one of those would have made this one of those true heart breakers. None the less, in my book, it's still a tragedy.

One weekend I went out to the coast to spend a few days with my Mother. My Aunt Evelyn happened to be down for the weekend too. Which if you've ever been down to the Dawson compound you know it's not unusual that we have a gaggle. I think Mom and I were working on Ruby's nap blanket at the time and needed something from the fabric store in Wheeler. (Creative Fabrics Highway 101 Wheeler, OR 97145 - 503.368.5900) Any excuse really though. While we wandered I discovered a pair of fabrics that screamed "ANGIE".

I showed them off and told everyone someday I'd make something out of them. In the same trip I found a great bag pattern by Amy Butler that I loved and really wanted to make.

So my Auntie being the fabulous and talented woman that she is decided to make the much loved bag out of the much loved fabric. It turned out perfect! I loved it and took it everywhere. I received so many comments and just couldn't have been happier with it, it was so me. One day the little love of my life who happened to be having trouble not disturbing all her friends at nap time was supposed to bring a bag of stuff to quietly do during this torcherous time of the day for her. Due to a communication breakdown between the Mom's I got to school and had to throw it together with things from my car. The only thing to carry the goodies was my beloved bag. I figured it would be fine for one day. I was wrong. There was no bag when I went to pick her up and we looked all over. It didn't turn up over the next days, weeks, or months. After they lost and returned Ephraim's Special Blankie months after we no longer attended the center I finally had to acknowledge that it's never coming back. Immediatly upon the discovery it was missing though we started looking for more of the fabric just in case. Apparently there are many a fabric monger out there who are hiding it in their stash or have already put it to good use in a project because we've never found more than fat quarters. Why post about this now? I've been struggling with the direction I want to go with my BTRS lap-quilt. I can't let my love of that fabric go. I keep looking on-line for something that will speak to me like that one did. I want something that my partner can have fun with and will be able to know that I am so in love with the fabrics that whatever they do with it will only bring me more joy. I went through Mom's stash this weekend and pulled out the one piece of my favorite fabric we have left and am praying for inspiration when I go to the store on Wednesday night to pick out the things for my swap quilt.

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