Saturday, August 16, 2008

With This Silver Dollar I Thee Wed!

I used to think that I didn't want to wear a ring. I contimplated getting a ring tattoo when it was time. I wanted it to be something different and if I were going to wear one I wanted it to be permenant. As soon as it became something that I needed to really figure out how I felt about it I found it funny that all I could think about was getting that ring on my finger so others would know the signifcance of Judy in my life. Suddenly it hit me. I have always wanted Andy to make me one of his rings. How special it would be if he could make our rings. When I asked him he was more than willing and even excited about it. We went to pick out our silver dollars that would turn into our rings. It was a crazy little adventure with too much going on. We just looked at them, picked two that were 1879 and 1880, because they were right next to each other in years and tried to escape the coin store with as little Ephraim tantrum as possible. (That boy loves his money!) Later we inspected them and discovered something very special..... one of the dollars is stamped with the initials A. J.. Who could ask for a better sign that this silver was meant to be ours.

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