Monday, August 4, 2008

Sometimes I Amuse Myself....

Not exactly sure when I wrote this. I saved it just in case and stumbled across it today while looking for something else. It holds true in that the reason I write this blog and the kids blog is so that we'll have something other than just my memory to look back on. My life is filled with so much I want to remember for my children. I want them to know who I was when they were too little to remember. I confess there is a part of me that wouldn't mind being able to reconstruct myself for them and leave out the parts where their mother wasn't always the brightest bulb on the shelf or didn't make the best choice. However it's who I am and how things were and are. For now I share with you and someday when they are older and care this will be for them.

"Sometimes ideas swarm around you like a persistent mosquito out for a snack. I have found myself flailing my arms, spraying on the repellent, and swearing at it to go away time and again like a pesky mosquito. Today I smashed the bug on my forehead and the proverbial light bulb came on. Why not? I’m as good as anyone else. Maybe it might even be a little sweeter? Dear mosquito I am so sorry for putting up such a fight. I will let you have this one bite, I’ll itch like hell but in the end I’ll have shared a bit of myself with you and maybe that will make the world a little bit brighter. Just don’t come back and ask me to do it again! As you may have already discovered, I’m not so good with analogy. I was attempting to say something smart about writing out the stories of my life. If nothing else it will serve as a source of humor and embarrassment for my children when they grow and can read and understand it. At best it will hopefully bring them insight into who I am and what I might have been thinking during the events in our lives. In the most fabulous of worlds maybe we’ll make a few dollars for a vacation to Disneyland. So whether you are my child, my family, my friend, or someone I didn’t actually have to pay to read this, “Welcome” and “Enjoy”. "

My sweet Ephraim and Ruby, I fear there is no hope of paying for Disneyland as I'm way too inconsistent to write an actual book anyone would like to read. However, I promise we'll get there someday, somehow and I'll write all about it for you!

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