Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is it Genetic or a Choice?

You might think this is the proverbial question of gayness? Nope. I could care less. Live your life. I have a much bigger and far more controversial question. Is it a learned behavior that we keep throwing the Mexican under the bus or were we just born that way? There is no politically correct answer here so give up now. I'm just a little curious how exactly my children have decided that Judy has to do everything. When you fart.... blame Judy. When you don't want to clean your room, offer to supervise Judy doing it. I mean really people???? It's a little scary. Now we all know that really this is because she's the newest member of the family and all but it's kinda funny that they didn't volunteer me. A scary thought just came to me as I was typing. Maybe it's because at age 6 my Son already has it figured out that I, his Mama, need a supervisor of my own to get things done. Nah.....that can't be it. I mean after all who was the one out in the fields last night picking 3 times the strawberries and not eating them on a pick one to eat one ratio. Now Judy was totally standing there bitching about the white girls always dragging her out to the fields to pick the crops closest to the ground. She was also pointing out obvious strawberries I should pick with her foot. Damn... I do need supervision. This is so not how I intended this entry to go. It was supposed to be some introspective examination of our culture and it just turned into the realization that I need to face facts and rejoice in my full time supervisor! Thanks Judy! Job well done!!!!

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