Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I hate Mother’s Day. I apologize to all who that offends however it’s the truth.  I know there are others who feel as I do and we all have our reasons. I love my Mother. She is an amazing woman and worthy of a day in her honor. I am blessed to have her as my Mom. I am a Mother and feel like I should celebrate with gusto for the sake of my proud children who honor their many Moms. So... why then do I despise this hallmark holiday meant to bring so much joy, happiness, and revenue? Mother’s Day 2002! On a beautiful spring Sunday, May 12, 2002, to be exact, I spent a nice morning having breakfast with my Ex-partner, Our Daughter Megan, and her birth parents. Celebrating our first Mother’s Day as real parents. We went to church and came home.  I sat with her on the couch her napping on my chest and me talking sweet whispers in her ear. That was the day that I made a promise to her that I would be her Mama. It was a peaceful day with great meaning. Simple words of unexplainable significance. A true change in my heart that day. I committed myself to no longer being her caregiver but being her Mama.  Four short days later  she died and again a change in my heart forever. Mother’s Day for me is like opening day to mourning week! So it is with great sadness, tears running down my face, and a pain in my heart that I recognize yet another Mother’s Day where I am here dedicated to being your Mama forever sweet baby girl but you are not in my arms to celebrate.      

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