Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Little Camper

So, I picked up our little camper on Friday afternoon! There is no doubt that she loved it. Here is what happened about 20 minutes into our drive:
Ruby: Mama, What is homesick?
Mama: That’s where you miss home so much that your tummy hurts and you are really really sad.
Ruby: Mama, then I’m campsick!!
This was followed by 2 hours of crying about how she needed to go back to camp, she was never going to see her friends again, and how could we not send her for a whole week because she knew she was going to like it why didn’t we. EGAD!!!! Not even Dr. DQ or the iTouch fixed it. Egad!!!
So… needless to say we’re going to start saving to send her somewhere next year. We informed her that it might not be Whispering Winds but Westwind or Namanu and she flipped a nut that those were not “HER” camp. I swear we are so in trouble. Anyone want to buy a whole lot of Girl Scout cookies. I feel like a traitor to my Camp Fire heritage.

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