Monday, June 15, 2009


Today I got an envelope of pictures from Granny. Some I already have in my collection but not this one. This is my the kids Great Great Grandmother. I remember meeting her more than once and going to her birthday parties. I don't remember anything about her as a person though, only the stories that I've heard about her over the years and they are all from when she was younger and Grandpaw Woody was still at home. It made me realize how lucky I was to have my Granny Sheldon. She was my connection to the great grandparent generation. While it's very weird for me to think of Grandpa Bud as a great grandpa the kids not only have a very young one and then they have Grandpaw Woody who really isn't. He turned 91 last week. I remind myself that he has longevity on his side since his Mama lived to around 103. It amazes me when I think about Grandpaw as I would have remembered him and who my children will remember him as. I am grateful that they have experienced life with him not just seen him for a rare family occasion. There are pictures that mean so much whether it be the next shot of Grandpaw Woody listening to Ephraim play cars or this picture from long ago that shows the generations of our family. This post was headed somewhere and then has taken a quick slide into nothing due to the taking of the evening medications prior to writing the blog. It is with that knowledge I will retire from this true ramble and come back and try to clean it up in the morning.

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